Currently, I am an Associate Professor at the School of Intelligent Systems Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University. I am co-supervising the HCP-I2 Lab SYSU.

Before that, I was a Project Scientist in Machine Learning Department, Carnegie Mellon University, working with Prof. Eric P. Xing. I obtained my Ph.D. degree in the School of Data and Computer Science at Sun Yat-sen University, advised by Prof. Liang Lin. I was a visiting scholar in the Department of EECS of the National University of Singapore, working with Prof. Shuicheng Yan. I have closely collarborated with Dr. Xiaohui Shen in Adobe Research and Dr. Jianchao Yang in SnapChat Research.

Email: xdliang328 AT
Phone: (86) 13265406280
Office: School of Intelligent Systems Engineering, Sun Yat-Sen University (East Campus), Higher Education Mega Center, Guangzhou 510006, China.
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I am recruiting self-motivated interns / full-time researchers, Ph.D / Master students in computer vision, natural language processing and graph-based learning. If you are interested in, please directly send your CV to my email.

Research Interest

My general research interest is to develop structured machine learning techniques for computer vision tasks. I mainly investigate how to exploit the human commonsense and incorporate them to develop the advanced artificial intelligence system. Recently, I focus on

  • Deep Learning, Graph neural networks, including Graph LSTM, structure learning
  • Human-centric Analysis, specially on human generation, image-based tryon
  • Multi-modality Dialogue and Interactive System, such as dialogue and robotic navigation
  • Automatic Machine Learning, including NAS and HPO.

Pls check our detailed project/code/publication information at there HCP-I2 Lab SYSU.